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GUESTBLOGGER: Local is Better by @Aaash_Engel

So the final post in the first #RAguestBLOGS comes suggested from @boereworsGirl, it's from @Aaash_Engel. Enjoy!


Growing up in the Northern Suburbs is quite fun. Attending Primary and High school in Bellville... Quite fun too. But if you told me during that time that I would grow to absolutely love and punt local music, I would have laughed in your face... hard.

I listened to Pop, Hip Hop and whatever else was on radio growing up, I didn't quite care what it was as long as it was music in my ear-holes. Oh, I used to be really into Maroon5 but I guess that changed, pop rock is no fun, yo. When I got to High School, specifically around Gr.11 I started listening to rock music, enjoying it, surprisingly. It all started with my crazy obsession with The Parlotones. That was a crazy phase... From there it went on to aKing and Die Heuwels Fantasties, which led to Francois Van Coke which then led to everything else, naturally.

I can honestly say I'm proudly South African and absolutely love the local music industry. The current state of music in the Rock and EDM genre is on fire, that's what I like to think. Local is not only lekker, it is BETTER! Why are we subjected to listen to music of American and European artists when we have such great artists right here on our soil? Ain't nobody got time fo dat! Well at least I don't. My playlist is full of local artist, too many to name. I do listen to foreign artists, obviously, but I can definitely see that being phased out my playlists in future times. Definitely. Local music is my vibe and it should be yours too. Why not? The quality of music is of international standard so there's no reason not to. Music Festivals do a good job in promoting and punting the local scene. Venues such as The Assembly and Mercury also have a very special role. These places are the home and heart of it all. Where it all goes down! Weekly events keep the scene alive. They are the platform for new artists to emerge from their garages and grandma servant’s quarters.

Another great platform, I doubt I would survive without, is Soundcloud. Most young local artists put their music up there and very often for free download as well. And everybody loves a good freebie. I highly recommend and strongly suggest you delve into the local side of life and give your ears some good tunage.
But with this growth in the local scene we have noticed an influx of international acts heading our way. So much so we had Bon Jovi and Justin Bieber in one weekend, “whoopdi doo”. It’s not all that bad though, these artists need opening acts. And all though you are paying over R250 to see a world recognised act, you might just as well pay R30 and see a local act at a club and even buy merch or a CD with that same amount of money you would of paid to see a “once in a lifetime act”… well in a South African lifetime’s.

So I’m just over here, spreading the great gospel that is local music, because… well? Why not. And I’ll say it again local is not only lekker, it is BETTER!


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