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GUESTBLOGGER: Top 5 Movies That Scarred Me For LIFE! by @Potz56

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My first recollection of going to the cinema, was at the old Cine 400 (now Club Westend) in Rylands (mini India) my cousin brought me, my sister and another cousin along with her to watch Sigourney Weaver’s Alien movie. At that time, there was no such thing as “Age restrictions” or something along those lines. It was basically a free for all. To cut a long story short, I watched with majority of the movie with my eyes shut. Scared shitless and scarred for life. To this day, I can’t watch Alien without having that “I’m going to die of fear” feeling. Which got me thinking, which other movies are there out there that have done the same? Well I’ll go through my top 5 just for your amusement:

Number 5:

The Grudge (remake)

I’m not keen on Hollywood remakes at all. They irk me. But as we all know, there is nothing more creepy in a horror movie than a little kid who is evil. And I’m not talking about your friends kid who had too much sugar at a party evil, I’m talking down right fucking I’ll kill you for fun evil! And this kid in the Grudge, really did a number on me. So bad, that when I walked through a family of Japanese tourists, I almost got arrested for assaulting a 6 year old boy.

Number 4:

The Shining (the Grady twins)

Yes, the entire movie starring Jack Nicholson was a scare fest. But what really scared the poop outta me were the Grady twins. There was something CREEPY about these two though. With their bobble socks and matching blue dresses. It actually got to a point where when someone asked me “Come play with us” it was met with a fuck you and a back hand. See clip to see what I’m talking about.

Please note, I am busy freaking myself out by doing this post. 

Number 3:

American Werewolf in London (1981)

I know most people would not have watched this film. Or some of you have and probably can’t remember it. But this classic scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. It did so much damage to my fragile and innocent mind, that to this day, I still can’t get myself to try and watch it again. There were super creepy scenes throughout the movie (especially when he speaks to his dead friend) but the scene that gave me endless sleepless crawl into mommy and daddy’s bed nights was the scene where the main character transforms into a werewolf. Try matching you Jacob punk!

Number 2:

Room 1408.

This was the first time I saw John Cusack in a horror. I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect to be honest. But what I can tell you is this: I am now petrified of staying in Hotels on my own. My favourite scene in the movie was hotel owner (Samuel L. Jackson) explaining to Cusack why he shouldn’t stay in this room... he ended off with saying “...it’s an evil fucking room”. When I travelled at my previous company and I was asked for any “special requests” at our hotels I’d ALWAYS answer with... “DON’T GIVE ME ROOM 1408”. True... fucking... story.

Before we get onto the final Scarred me for life movies... let me tell you, I am struggling to continue with this. It has opened up some old wounds which took me a long time to heal. Oh well, a few more visits to the therapist won’t hurt right? Here it is 

Number 1:


Fuck Tim Curry. Fuck John Ritter and more importantly... fuck clowns! Because of this movie, I have an eternal fear of clowns! The worst. Last year at a car show, there was a clown walking behind me and my family. I stopped, turned around and shouted at him to “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME” and scurried off, not out of embarrassment... but out of fear. The fear that Pennywise the fucking clown instilled in me as a child.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed or at least agreed with one. If yours differs from mine, stick it at the bottom in the comments section and I’ll disagree with on a public forum. I’m off to see my shrink.


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