Friday, 17 May 2013

RANDOM STORY: Car Guard dodgeness

Quick story. So. Parow Centre has never had car guards before. I park my car there when I leave for work. ANd yesterday, as I'm leaving the centre, a 'car guard' runs up to me, telling me a story about how some coloured guy was peetering with the car door, trying to break in. Said that when he confronted him, he said that he knew the owner of the car and that I sent him to get something out the car. The car guard then told him no, if the owner doesn't come now, he's going to call the police. I answered, 'ok, lucky I didnt catch him otherwise I woulda fuck him up, so thanks buddy' and then proceeded to drive away.

Why? Because. I don't believe this dude was a car guard. Anyone can get a bib, and I called Parow Centre and they said, although they now employ car guards, they have names and bibs, I saw no bib. So ja. Methinks Mr Car Guard was hoping his story would let me give him a fat tip. I actually have more peace of mind if there was no dodgy car guard, as my car's always been safe coz there's always NOTHING in it! My own safety mechanism. It's standard, it's empty, and looks bot! ANyhoo. As I was driving away, I saw him explain what looked like the same story to someone else. So guys, I'm not saying don't pay car guards, I do every now and then, but just becareful. This is the second incident I have with a dodge car guard. Had a similar ordeal at Food Inn in town, AFTER hours, car guard asking for R10 nogal. I was THIS close to dekking him. After the mouthful of expletives I gave him he gently backed away :)

Anyhoo. With car guards guys, just be weary and circumspect ne. COOL!

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