Tuesday, 25 June 2013

ARTICLE: My Belly Off and Reboot

SO! It's my last day of the Sleekgeek Reboot today. 30 days of craziness, hunger pangs, and weight loss. I lost about 4 kg on this, but it's interesting because I've been doing the MH Belly Off as well over the last 12 weeks, and although I got a bit stronger and a bit fitter in this time, I didn't really lose weight..

Last day today!

So. 12 weeks ago (it's the last week of the belly off as well this week), I was 90kg! FML. It wasn't cool. Saw myself in the mirror and wondered, damnit man, wtf, how'd I let it get this far. Hardly exercised, and ate everything in my path. I started the Belly Off, and eased into the strength training and the cardio, but didn't really follow the eating plan. Started to see some slooow results, but wanted to accelerate the weight loss. I can't remember how I stumbled on the Reboot detox plan, but I did, and it worked out quite awesomely.

Omelette you finish, but my healthy meal cooked with no oil is the bomb!
NO added sugar (meaning no cakes, no sodas, no sugar in coffee, I didn't even drink juice), NO alcohol (that part was the easiest), NO legumes (so no peas, lentils, etc), NO grains/starch (so no bread, wheat, pasta, corn, oats, rice, etc, missed All Bran and rice the most out of these), NO dairy (no cheese, yoghurt, milk, etc, really missed milk and cheese at the start, but you get used to it after a while), and then, NO WHITE POTATOES! Hurt my soul bad that last one! But replaced that with sweet potatoes. Tasted ok. So my breakfast and lunch was similar, where I would have a meat/fish/poultry part, two veg of my choice, like broccoli and patty pans, then have egg some days in different forms, and then maybe mushrooms, but then also lettuce and tomato as well. SO it wasn’t too bad an adjustment. Coffee was had with no milk and sugar and I also drank green tea, 1 cup a day, and LOTS OF WATER. LOTS.

Replacing chips when eating out was tricky, but it's doable! Especially with yummy veg!

In between all this, I exercised with the Belly Off workouts and became stronger all the way through.

Two weeks ago, after playing FivesFutbol and surviving for a WHOLE HOUR without subbing myself, a colleague suggest I use the gym facilities on one of our floors to improve my cardio but little did I know that he was going to train me as well! Last week we ran from work, through the Waterfront to Cape Town Stadium and back. Now you non-unfit people might think that little 5km run was chippies, BUT, whenever I used to run it used to be run a minute, walk a minute and a half, and carry on in that fashion, this was NON-STOP RUNNING! I couldn’t deal. I was surprised I didn’t kap om, it was hilarious. First my chest started to pain. Then my lungs, then the pain proceeded down to my Milt Steek, then it went down to my groins, then my calves got a good wallop, then finally, in the last stretch of road, my feet became almost useless as they were paining so bad. Combo of this new experience and bad running footwear (I ran in my Cortez, and still am using it in the mean time!)

had to make these snacks for builders building at our place, and I couldn't even have! bleh

The day after that, we done an indoor workout, but it was some military superset stuff that killed me EVEN MORE! My sweater, shorts and everything, even my socks, were drenched in sweat! And you must understand, I’m not a sweat-er. I hardly sweat a lot when I’m exercising, so this was crazy! After that, the next day, another run, it went better, but I was still so far off pace and lagging behind, but baby steps right, literally, I was running with baby steps, haha. Then this previous weekend, I done the belly off workout Friday, a mini run Saturday (3km, not once stopping to walk!) and then Sunday another Belly Off workout. Come Monday we did another military-esque workout, but it went ok. Was broken after, but not as broken as I was.

Weekends were the hardest part! Constantly resisting such things!

Which leads us to today. The last day of the reboot. Weather permitting, we’ll go for a run or do more indoor stuff today, but can you see what happened in these last 12 weeks? A lifestyle change. New habits were formed. The main pitfall of such a detox and exercise programme is the backlash of falling back into the old ways of eating and living, but I’m enjoying the extra strength my body has too much!

Make sure you follow a decent exercise regimen. I can now play an hour game of Fives Futbol without dying! Yay! (that's me kicking a shot of doom towards the unsuspecting keep :D )

I’ll balance it out now, food wise, I’ll still make my own food for work a lot more than buying, as you save money and you have more control over what you put in your mouth and making sure it’s healthy, and I’m definitely not going to drop the physical activity either! I’ll just throw in a few fast food days and first thing I’ll do is put All Bran back in my diet. Something adverse of the reboot is my regularity was tainted. I need that shit back. Get it. That was a pun. Almost, anyway.

So yes. If you’ve read this far, thanks for listening to my jabbering. Hopefully when you see me do a post like this again, I’ll be at my goal weight (75, I’m 82 this morning, and I was 90) and lean and mean like a mo fo. You’ll know when this happens as I’ll bombard my twitter feed with ab pics (I won’t really, I promise)
Moral of the story? Don’t aim to look like people in magazines, live healthy instead, be as fit as you feel you can be, and reap the benefits!

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