Thursday, 20 June 2013


Only the second Babe Scout of 2013! And the year is nearly halfway through!

This time it's Melanie Iglesias, one of GQ's prize babes.

She is from Puerto Rican/Italian/Filipino descent, and all this boils down to one Pot of HOtness!!

selfie and very hotsy :P

Lady in Red
I love it when hot model babes are hot WITHOUT all the photoshop and retouching!
Check it out!
Tickle me pink :3
Defo wallpaper material
Just enough curve to keep us looking :D
*wipes drool*
A little side boob aint hurt nobarreh :')
Perfect 10!
Sweet and innocent!

Side note, apparently she turned down Playboy and stripping down nude for a bajillion dollars. WHich is cool. Leaving something to the imagination is always good :)

AND FINALLY, something bonus, some nice gifs I found on the interwebs of her doing some stellar work :)

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