Wednesday, 7 August 2013

ARTICLE: Saving is like studying

Saving really is like studying.

One moment you think that you'll still be ok, and then BOOM, the exam hits and you don't have enough knowledge to do it easily, and then you have to wing it and sometime you'll even fail the exam. You had ample time to to prepare and study and if you did, if you put in all the time and effort, even when it was tough, you'd be plain sailing through that exam, if only

With saving it's similar. When you need something, and it's expensive or of high value, and you didn't save. You can try as you will, you won't get that money quick enough to get what you want. If you saved from earlier on, you would've easily got what you want, but it seemed like too much hard work at the time, so you didn't. No you get something on credit and it makes you shit your pants for months after, just like failing an exam!

All this is summarized, very concisely in this youtube clip. It's one of those irritating youtube ads that you actually sit through coz it's kinda cool. It's alll about saving. And keep in mind, I'm not advertising Absa. I personally think Absa and FNB rip us off HEAVILY with their bank fees, but give credit where it's due, this is a cool ad!

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