Monday, 19 August 2013

VIDEO: Why so many girls aspire to be models

Remember one of our older Babe Scouts, Arianny Celeste? Well, I follow her on twitter (who wouldn't) and I recently saw she posted about her 2014 calender. So how those work is you buy it and it gets delivered, etc, but this video made me really realize WHY so many chicks/girls/women/hoeners/grakke/kinners/meire/vrouens aspire to or at least playplay-pretend that they are models and that they are of that LIFE

She shared a video of the behind-the-scenes of her calender shoot, and WOW, she has a life eh. An entourage trippling around her constantly making sure she is dressed, make-up-ed, and lotioned enough, seeing to her every need. It's easy to see why (some) women would want that life. But Arianny has one thing many women don't have. Yes, she is made up and pampered a lot, and yes, she is retouched a lot in image editing programmes after as well, but under all that, she is a genuinely gorgeous human specimen above the norm, and unless you have that, it's a pining for a life you'll never have. It's the same for guys with these super fit and handsome fitness models. I ain't hating on them, in fact, more power to them coz they use what they have to GET WHAT THEY WANT! Just wish more people did this instead of hating!

That being said, check out the video and keep a lappie nearby to wipe the drool :P

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