Monday, 9 September 2013


Hi all.

Do you remember THIS SHORT STORY? and THIS CLIP?

Well, I was trawling through my archives of forgotten creative endeavours, and found THIS, a 5 min clip of me doing some lines from my script for this short story.

I'll never finish this short story. Too many other ideas have already surpassed it on my list of creative things to finish. Then add a full time job, part time studies and a baby on the way and all my free time goes bye bye.

SO. That being said. I love the fact that the quality of this clip is so good. The Nokia N8 is really a viable tool to shoot short stories, even music videos, and tutorials, etc. You just need good natural light/good artificial light and a decent mic. So all those creatives out there, struggling to get good equipment, you can do A LOT with very little, if you're just clever about it!

Anyhoo. Love that you can see I've got some acting acumen in this clip, don't laugh, but one day when I'm big I wouldn't mind being an action hero on the big screen. If Sharlto Copley can do it, so can I :) Lol.

Here's the clip. Watch and share.

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