Thursday, 5 December 2013

ARTICLE: Football Cardio

Funny story.

I like thinking. And coming up with ideas for stories. Most of the time they just blom there in my head and go nowhere further.

One of these stories is loosely based on myself (they all are though, lol) and about how I go from being a unfit flabby soccer game playing player to being a decent driven by healthiness five a side soccer player that wins a tournament after being asked to play in a team by someone that saw me play soccer on a field.

I was a flabby soccer game playing person (I still play fifa a lot) but this year I've been trying hard to be healthier and active and it's been paying off nicely. When I lived in ravensmead and especially now that I live in town near a park, I have been doing football cardio, alone, running, kicking, jumping and trying skills and failing (but succeeding too sometimes) and I always knew that I will never ever play soccer professionally (that's my brother's dept) but I sure as pie enjoy soccer and I've always wanted to play it somehow socially. In this year I've played a lot of fives futbol but not enough to be really good/fit but enough to be decent at it, and recently, as I said, I've been ramping up training on this park to epic levels. 

Now sometimes people watch me, then go about doing their business, but this one dude on his balcony watched me a few times, but it looked like a hotel not flats so I thought he was just staying over and didn't really take note, then today, it went down.

Now no-one really ever joins in with me when I do the cardio, I'm suinag with my football and run away when people look interested. Today, a dude walked past and gesticulated to me to kick the ball, reluctantly, I kicked back and that lasted about five minutes, then, another person came and wanted to kick with, this was staring to be like Pokemon with random people asking me to battle, then while kicking with this dude, a third came and joined in, this usually does happen when a soccer ball is presented in a pubic area but then after the second guy left and the third dude and me had a thorough 20 minute skilllllllll tappppppp cross battle, he walks up to me and says, yo dude, we have a team, we're gonna start to play in January again, I've been watching you play almost everyday, you totally have to come play for us. And I was all hard to get like mmm, cool man, we can see, kantie I'm bets! So lol, the first part of my story came true.

Just had to share my randomness. #youcare 

Now, there's another story I storyboarded about a dude who wins a 50 million lotto jackpot...

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