Thursday, 20 November 2014

VIDEO: A Truth learned from the Matrix

This bit of wisdom shared by this clip has been mulling around in my head for the last few days.

It blew my mind.

Watch it and tell me if it took you by suprise as well.

Us humans are fickle.

He's the ONE.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


I eat KFC. A lot. Too much actually. That's why I've picked up so much weight in the last year. I look like a fat CHKN now of all the fast food. Sigh, that's besides the point though. I love KFC as much as the next guy, but their service, similarly to other fast food franchises in South Africa, is so bad, too many times. I've complained on Twitter, a few times, and they keep telling me to mail their customer service address, but it always falls on deaf ears. So now, KFC, I'm sending it to you as a public letter. I'm sorry, but other's have to know what I'm going through. Below is the mail I've sent to them.


Please note this is the second time I'm mailing.

This is more of a query than a complaint.

I really like Kfc so I'm blind to a lot of the errors I experience, and it's been quite a few.

Disclaimer, I'm usually satisfied with KFC's service and food, but too many times in this year have I been disappointed by service or lack of something. Maybe I've been going to KFC too much and I'm now experiencing how the service actually is?

Many branches are out of Ice cream often, like very often, even if it's winter, I'm sure there are people who want ice cream, like me. It's on the menu so there's really no excuse for the ice cream to not be made/ready. I've experienced this multiple time at Parow's Branch in Voortrekker road, the branch in Observatory, the Long Street branch and at Canal Walk.

Many times cashiers/packers get my order wrong, it will usually be a small thing, but it's still mildly irritating. Wrong burger, wrong cooldrink, I said no ice, yet there is ice in the cooldrink. The service is especially bad at Drive Thrus, and it shouldn't be that way. I've experienced multiple transgressions of bad service at the Parow Vootrekker branch and Observatory's branch, both drive thru, and at a few of the CBD branches, Gardens, Darling street, Long Street, Cape TOwn station's one too.

Then, even though I can understand things running out towards the end of the day, towards closing time, you folks are running out of weird things at weird times. At Canal Walk, there was no Fanta or Cream Soda, the two favourites my girlfriend and I choose regularly, so we had to have Coke and Sprite, again, that's not really an issue, but it's still irritating. Then, the Zinger Burgers were taking too long, waaay to long, then after we were waiting for 10 minutes already, we were told to wait another SIX extra minutes. BY this time both my girlfriend and myself were RAVENOUS with hunger. So I told them, just to give me a Colonel burger with Zinger sauce, but the whole point of a Wicked Zinger box meal is the Zinger! Yes, I know I could've waited, but KFC prides itself on being a FAST food outlet, not a 20-minute-wait-food outlet. If I wanted to wait long for food I'd order a pizza. We come to KFC to get great-tasting food QUICKLY!

Like I say, once or twice a year is okay for slip ups in performance, service and availability of things, but not every second time we go!

Then, it's very worrying that TWICE, TWICE(!) the branch in Gardens (near to Garden Centre) has RUN OUT OF CHICKEN!! WHat is KFC if there is NO Chicken?! Kentucky Fried....? Once, it was no Zinger Wings, then the other time, no chicken whatsoever, and it wasn't even close to closing time. I was shocked and horrified. I had to get MOCHACHOS! Urgh. That, for me, is just pathetic. I don't care what KFC has to do, there has to be plan B, C and D so that any KFC branch never runs out of Chicken! I hope you don't think I'm angry, this is a concerned friend trying to make sure his friend doesn't fall off the wagon.

*(update, yesterday AGAIN, I went to Gardens KFC, and again there was no Zinger Wings, I went to Darling Street's branch, waited long then when finally served, got told it would take 7 minutes longer for zinger wings, so I strolled over to Chickn Lickn and got Hotwings there)

You established franchises have to watch out, especially with Burger King slowly infiltrating all your strongholds. Their Double Whopper absolutely kills any other franchise's burger for value/size/taste.

Another small issue is when I get hard lettuce on my burger, the stalk-ish part. It should be leaves, those hard-stalk bits should never make their way onto a burger, luckily I get this at many other fast food places not only KFC, but it's also something that's not ideal.

Last qualm, too many times at KFCs are the card machines faulty. My hunger for KFC dissipates when I have to walk another few turns to draw money to get KFC. I've experienced this multiple times at the Gardens KFC, at Long Street's KFC and at Voortrekker's KFC.

SO yes, I'm a concerned KFC citizen, I want to rep the brand to all those who are close to me, as I'm sure you all know word-of-mouth is the strongest form of advertisement and endorsement, but the inverse is also true when people are unhappy about service at a particular place.

I just want you guys to be better at bringing us that golden brown chicken we all love :)


Friday, 7 November 2014

CHKN WORKOUT! (The story behind CHKN)

See, it's the CHKN 's exercise regimen!

CHKN is a personal project I did recently. No reason for it really. Other than wanting to combine many of my skills into one project. Music production and editing, video production and editing, shooting, photography, writing, social media penetration, digital art, etc. I even built a mini site for CHKN using Weebly, that was fun, it's quite a powerful tool even though many of the cool features are only available when you pay, but it's generally a great tool.

I'm quite chuffed at how CHKN turned out. I gave myself a lofty target of 1 million views for this video, and although I'm still far off from that, the 10 000 views it has so far is decent. It shows I, as someone with many ideas but many procrastinations, can take an idea from embryo to completed product in a few months.

That was the true victory.

So this is a special thanks to all those that have watched, shared and giggled at CHKN :) I really appreciate it. We'll see what the future holds for me. I'm currently unemployed and I'm stuck mentally in-between joining the rat-race again or becoming a fully fledged entertainer/story-teller person. Tough decision for me. But we'll see how it goes, for now, please share and watch CHKN again as the more views the merrier :D


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Luna Dancing

Luna is already almost 10 months old :) And she already has an appreciation for music. 

She does this thing where she 'dances' to her favourite songs, headbopping away :) She gets shy when I put the camera on her and stops doing it, but I managed to capture it one time, and here it is :)

Friday, 12 September 2014


This is hands down one of the coolest trailers for a Fifa I've seen

With a tagline of : Feel the Game. It surely does very well to try to portray this to us.

I for one do get this into Fifa, nice cameo from cover boy Messi as well!

Can't wait for this game!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

VIDEO: Best Ice Bucket Challenge EVAR!

Just when I thought the ice bucket challenge was starting to taper off, BOOM! COmes the best Ice Bucket Challenge YET!

This particular 'artist's previous work of art also went quite viral, but this one is streets better.

He's got moves! He's got rhymes! He's VENNU MALESH!

Sit back and be wowed.

And if you wondered what his previous viral hit was, I'm almost too afraid to post it, it's so deep! But alas, here it is.

Monday, 11 August 2014

TRAILER: Spongebob in live action

What better way to get through a monday than finding out there is a cool new 3d Spongebob movie coming out!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

VIDEO: Game of Thrones bloopers


It's actually quite hilarious seeing Game of Thrones characters out of character.


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

VIDEO: Awesome Go Pro Eagle clip

In my continuous push to score a Go Pro video for my bday end of August, here's an epic clip of a GoPro attached to an eagle.

It's quite cool, especially for those people who always wanted to fly, haha.

Friday, 11 July 2014


It's weekend! Kick it out like this guy!


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

VIDEO: The Game before the game

Wow, I'm not a fan of Dr Dre Beats earphones, at all, but my oh my, this is an epic ad.

It would seem the world cup is bringing the best out of advertisers!


There are so many stars, from different sports and music, that it's too long to list!


Thursday, 12 June 2014

VIDEO: Galaxy11

With all the cool ads out there for football now, I can't believe I missed this one!

CR7 has been sharing links of this on his instagram account for a while now, teasers of it, but nothing prepared me for what I was about to watch@

It's the first part of an epic battle to save earth by...playing a football match!

The best players in the world have been brought together to play a football match against the unbeaten alien race, and earth is on the line. .


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

VIDEO: Nike - The Last Game

I want the performance enhancing pills Nike's ad team is on.

How, HOW?! How do they produce two of the best football ads you can see, all for the same campaign, released within a couple of weeks of each other, but that are totally different in style and execution?

It's ad genius on steroids.

Their first Risk Everything video was everything football ads were missing over the last few years, but this short film-esque ad is just mind-boggling.

You can now see your favourite Nike athletes stylized as 3d CG characters taking on the evil clones created by a diabolical scientist. It's gold. Pure gold.

Check it out below, and the other Risk Everything ad below it.

and here is the other ad, also, very very cool!

Monday, 9 June 2014

VIDEO: Kitties dancing

I meant to post this on Friday, but I forgot, so now it's your inspiration to have a great Monday!

It's a clip of cute kitties 'dancing' to Lil Jon's TURN DOWN FOR WHAT! I don't think that song can be typed in anything BUT all caps! :)


Thursday, 29 May 2014

VIDEO: Cool Dancing Baby

Don't be fooled by the title of the post, this isn't the Ally McBeal dancing baby, it's a very cool chubby Korean baby! And it's vrek funny! My dance moves are quite similar :)

Break it DOOOWN!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

ORIGINAL VIDEO: Cape Town Sunrise

Cape Town is pretty. Especially in the 'Golden Hours' of the day. So, I decided I want to make a sunrise timelapse.

After many mornings of being too lazy to get up to do it, I finally got the resolve to, and this is the result. Hope you like it, Cape Town is super gorgeous :)

Thursday, 22 May 2014

PROJECT: Bafana Nike Away Kit Concepts

So, with Nike sponsoring Bafana Bafana, I was hoping that their kits would be really great! But, the first limited edition kit looked 'cool' but only because it was Nike. It was really a tad to simple and toned down.

So I thought, with my previous two kit concept ideas looking quite cool, let's have a go at a Bafana kit.

As we all know, the green and gold will be very hard to shake off as the home colours of South Africa's teams. It's got to do with history and legacy and what not, but I propose; let's embrace our FUTURE in the away kit, with a little bit of history.

The South African flag is a gorgeous flag, it's got a mix of many colours but somehow looks aesthetically pleasing. YET, NONE of our sports teams have really incorporated this into their kits. I know just popping the flag on a shirt would look silly and clunky, BUT, if done in a classy, clever way, it can work!

So, to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of our flag, here are four conceptual design ideas for an AWAY strip for Bafana, with white as the main colour, and details of the flag put into the design subtley, with different uses of a chevron element. I used a base kit template from Hammer9 to start, then went wild from there.

Keep in mind also that these designs look cool as well when the yellow is replaced with yellow, green or black as the main colours as well. :)

Sunday, 18 May 2014

VIDEO: Lonely Island FT Pharrell - HUGS

I'm such a huge Lonely Island groupie because they do internet videos right! With big budgets! Love it!

Their new soon-to-be-viral hit is called 'HUGS' and it features Pharrell!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

VIDEO: Slow Jam Ducktales

This is something new on the interwebs recently, cartoon themes reimagined as slow jams, and this one happens to be from one of my faves, Ducktales. It's super funky!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

TRAILER: Transformers: Age of Extinction

I kept saying that they can keep making Transformers movies and I would watch it no matter what, and the trailer for the new one looks EPICCCCCCC!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

VIDEO: MakeShift (my band's) first full gig

Recently I realized one of my dreams that I hope to continue, the band I am the lead vocalist form, MakeShift, did their first full gig, at Zula bar.

I've got all the tracks we done on YouTube and neatly popped them in a playlist for you to enjoy and listen to :)

We've been practicing and jamming with each other for well over a year and finally we tested our mettle, it turns out we rock!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Football Flashback: Luis Suarez

I've been a terrible blogger as of late. Hardly posting, but I've had this idea for a while now already. All our favourite players in the football world have been at least 3 or 4 clubs before they were the players they are now, and the goal of these posts is to show you their journey!

I'll start with El Pistolero, Luis Suarez! The player having the hottest season of them all this year.

Let's go waaaaay back first, lol.

Then when he was a bit older, he started professionally at Nacional, 27 apps, 10 goals.

Then he went off to Holland, starting at Groningen, scoring 10 goals in 29 apps.

Then, he moved to Ajax where he became an established player and went on to captain the side as well. In 110 apps, he scored 81 goals.

File:AFC Ajax 2010.jpg

And then, of course, he's been at Liverpool football Club since 2011, and after a few incident-laden years, he's become one of the most feared strikers in the world. He's currently on 104 apps and 67 goals!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


So a few days ago there was an epic sunset filled with hell fire prettiness never seen before.

I took two snaps of it and a short video clip so you can see it's NOT photoshop, but actually really happened!

CLICK on the images for full size and the video is below!

Lion's Head Fire Sunset 2 by MinorphicPhoto on deviantART

Lion's Head Fire Sunset 1 by MinorphicPhoto on deviantART

Monday, 24 March 2014

VIDEO: Rats in the hizzay!

O dear.

It's another CBD video and this time it's nasty!

Watch the critter drama unfold as rats make a backyard of a popular store their home and dining area.

Watch in HD!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

VIDEO: Dare To Zlatan

I love football ads as they are always unnecessarily fun and extreme! And this Dare To Zlatan campaign is just as fun! We all know Zlatan is quality, but these ads are just hilariously extreme! He taunts a tiger in icy conditions, shoots into a volcano and braves lighting.




SO what are you waiting for? #dareToZlatan

Thursday, 27 February 2014

VIDEO: Another Protest in CPT

Some footage of the fire and marching before the stun grenades went off.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

VIDEO: Best insurance ad you'll see

SA companies can learn a lot from this Turkish company's clever spin on an insurance ad!

It takes one of the most iconic gaming bonus stages and immerses it flawlessly in their cunning ad for insurance!

Check it out.

Friday, 21 February 2014


Ladies, prepare your panties, this is the sexiest song of 2014...

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

ARTICLE: LFC 14/15 Kits!


After my last post about LFC kits, I've decided to take the plunge and try to design prospective kits for LFC for next season. It seems to be all the rage after Warrior took over the sponsorship as their away kits have been so, ahem, excitable.

So, with that in mind, I've mocked up, with the help of a t-shirt template from Hammer9, 3 kits for next season. 1 conservative home kit, and two, Warrior-esque kits with wild patterns, but still trying to make them look palatable! I used current Warrior shorts and socks as a base for the shorts and socks in the kits.

All the kits have the Liverbird, sponsor logo and Warrior logo in the same position as it is now. For the home kit I've used the usual Red, with white and gold hints, keeping it simple and neat. For the away kit I used the LFC green, mixed with white and red, and for the away I've used the retro cyan colour and grey and charcoal. I used the Warrior-esque theme for the background images. Grungy, cartoony, hard colours. Really amped at how these came out.

Classic kit with a gold twist!

Sticking to the Warrior uniqueness, but making it neater!

A stripey mix of charcoal, grey and cyan for the third kit!

And here are all 3 kits together in one picture with the shorts.

Please do share this article and these images with friends, if we share it enough we might get Warrior to make these :)

ps. Apologies for the watermarks on these, but you know how people like to steal cool ideas and pass it off as their own.

Monday, 17 February 2014

VIDEO: Ath Pilly Kweta

It's always cool to see sports stars as normal people, and even though I'm an LFC fan, I love footballers and how they're superstars and very normal people off the field.

This video shows Chelsea's Cesar Azpilicueta explaining how to say his name. It's funny. It's cool though because all these foreign players have to learn English but a lot of times the fans don't even bother learning how to pronounce their names. Lots of Chelsea fans just call him Dave coz Ath-Pilly-Kweta is too long!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Monday, 20 January 2014


I did this quick 360 stop-motion of Cape Town, shot with my N8, just to show the cool view from where I work. :)

Was about 120 photos in sequence :)

Thursday, 16 January 2014

DRAMA! #civicCentreMan threatens to jump!

What could've driven this man to such a length?

SOme say work.

Some say he broke up with his girlfriend.

We don't know.

I tried to get footage from my phone, but it's very grainy, but you can see him walking on the edge of the buildling.

Creepy stuff.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

VIDEO: My First Convo with Luna

Hey all the Luna fans. Luna has literally been on camera since birth! Here's the first convo I had with her :)

Friday, 10 January 2014

VIDEO: Transparent Machines

The more we complain about our private lives being infiltrated, the more personal information we load online, kind of a oxymoron, an irony don't you think?

Watch this epic short short and you might rethink what you put online...

Transparent Machines™ from beeple on Vimeo.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

VIDEO: Exploding Sperm Whale

Every now and then a video comes along that makes you say WTF loud. This is one of them.

Do not watch this if you're eating. Trust me.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

ARTICLE: If Liverpool were sponsored by Nike

I'm not a fan of Warrior's kits. So far, only the home Liverpool kits have been decent.

The away kits have been a travesty. They're too busy. They're too whack. I know some people say they like that it's different from the stock-looking kits of other teams, but surely, the designs are too far out.

With Liverpool looking good this season, pushing for a top four spot, I thought, what if Liverpool were sponsored by manufacturer with more experience in football kits. I know the Warrior deal is paying lots of good money, but let's be honest, Adidas and Nike have always been the leaders in great football kits.

Now, with Adidas having shown us in the past what they can do with the home and away kits, I wondered, what if NIKE sponsored Liverpool Football club. Nice, simple clean-cut designs, to match a modern-day football club that wants to win things. I found this EPIC photoshop template on THIS SITE and I couldn't resist! I found the LFC Liverbird logo, found the closest font I could find that matches 'L.F.C.'
text, and then used the Standard and Chartered logo, to make these very convincing and delicious looking LFC kits. I went wild, took all the different colour combinations used in the past (red, white, the LFC green, yellow, black, etc). So please, allow me to dream out loud for a while. I could have tweaked and changed things for so many different variations, but I stuck to these few. Enjoy! :) (click on the images for full size)

This would be my home, away and third kits, keeping it classic LFC.

Classic red and white, always a winner!
The yellow kits of the past have always been cool, coupled with the red, it's a win!

For Euro purposes, the classic white, red and green colour scheme can work!
Now for some other away kit options, black, green, gray, and some other white kits.

Red on black is always exciting...

...but gold accents on the black can also rock it!

I simply love this green colour, straight from the LFC badge, and it looks great with white.

Tried playing with some other LFC colours with the green.

Gray LFC kits have always been nice to look at, and with the green it looks nice. 

The first white kit is a spin-off of the vintage kit made a few years ago, Cyan and white.

But white and red is always nice too

White and green can also work too.
And then, I went a bit crazy, played with ideas and colours not usually associated with LFC, but not as CRAZY as Warrior's kits, for a few away strips.

LFC NEVER use blue. I understand too many rivals have it, but a navy and red kit would actually look cool.

Gradient kits are usually fail, but I just checked out how the LFC yellow and green would be...

...and then inverted it around.

Garish colours with minimal detail sometimes work (a la Barca away kits of the past), lime, black and red actually looks lekker.
 Then, finally, when LFC wins the league again, they can have some championship gold into that home kit ;)

 I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed making them. It'll probably never happen that Nike is the sponsor of LFC, but it's ok to play fantasy kits, almost like fantasy league, haha.

To see ALL past LFC kits go here for HOME and here for AWAY!

Thanks to Joshua Wilson for his template from his BLOG!

Monday, 6 January 2014

MOVIE TRAILER: Jupiter Ascending

Yup, the Watchowskis are back with something Matrixy again, this time with Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis as the stars, so not only will they get the techy, geeky fanboys to watch it, these mainstream stars will attract the pop following crazies to watch it too!

It looks quite awesome, just check out the trailer!