Friday, 7 November 2014

CHKN WORKOUT! (The story behind CHKN)

See, it's the CHKN 's exercise regimen!

CHKN is a personal project I did recently. No reason for it really. Other than wanting to combine many of my skills into one project. Music production and editing, video production and editing, shooting, photography, writing, social media penetration, digital art, etc. I even built a mini site for CHKN using Weebly, that was fun, it's quite a powerful tool even though many of the cool features are only available when you pay, but it's generally a great tool.

I'm quite chuffed at how CHKN turned out. I gave myself a lofty target of 1 million views for this video, and although I'm still far off from that, the 10 000 views it has so far is decent. It shows I, as someone with many ideas but many procrastinations, can take an idea from embryo to completed product in a few months.

That was the true victory.

So this is a special thanks to all those that have watched, shared and giggled at CHKN :) I really appreciate it. We'll see what the future holds for me. I'm currently unemployed and I'm stuck mentally in-between joining the rat-race again or becoming a fully fledged entertainer/story-teller person. Tough decision for me. But we'll see how it goes, for now, please share and watch CHKN again as the more views the merrier :D


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