Thursday, 20 November 2014

VIDEO: A Truth learned from the Matrix

This bit of wisdom shared by this clip has been mulling around in my head for the last few days.

It blew my mind.

Watch it and tell me if it took you by suprise as well.

Us humans are fickle.

He's the ONE.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


I eat KFC. A lot. Too much actually. That's why I've picked up so much weight in the last year. I look like a fat CHKN now of all the fast food. Sigh, that's besides the point though. I love KFC as much as the next guy, but their service, similarly to other fast food franchises in South Africa, is so bad, too many times. I've complained on Twitter, a few times, and they keep telling me to mail their customer service address, but it always falls on deaf ears. So now, KFC, I'm sending it to you as a public letter. I'm sorry, but other's have to know what I'm going through. Below is the mail I've sent to them.


Please note this is the second time I'm mailing.

This is more of a query than a complaint.

I really like Kfc so I'm blind to a lot of the errors I experience, and it's been quite a few.

Disclaimer, I'm usually satisfied with KFC's service and food, but too many times in this year have I been disappointed by service or lack of something. Maybe I've been going to KFC too much and I'm now experiencing how the service actually is?

Many branches are out of Ice cream often, like very often, even if it's winter, I'm sure there are people who want ice cream, like me. It's on the menu so there's really no excuse for the ice cream to not be made/ready. I've experienced this multiple time at Parow's Branch in Voortrekker road, the branch in Observatory, the Long Street branch and at Canal Walk.

Many times cashiers/packers get my order wrong, it will usually be a small thing, but it's still mildly irritating. Wrong burger, wrong cooldrink, I said no ice, yet there is ice in the cooldrink. The service is especially bad at Drive Thrus, and it shouldn't be that way. I've experienced multiple transgressions of bad service at the Parow Vootrekker branch and Observatory's branch, both drive thru, and at a few of the CBD branches, Gardens, Darling street, Long Street, Cape TOwn station's one too.

Then, even though I can understand things running out towards the end of the day, towards closing time, you folks are running out of weird things at weird times. At Canal Walk, there was no Fanta or Cream Soda, the two favourites my girlfriend and I choose regularly, so we had to have Coke and Sprite, again, that's not really an issue, but it's still irritating. Then, the Zinger Burgers were taking too long, waaay to long, then after we were waiting for 10 minutes already, we were told to wait another SIX extra minutes. BY this time both my girlfriend and myself were RAVENOUS with hunger. So I told them, just to give me a Colonel burger with Zinger sauce, but the whole point of a Wicked Zinger box meal is the Zinger! Yes, I know I could've waited, but KFC prides itself on being a FAST food outlet, not a 20-minute-wait-food outlet. If I wanted to wait long for food I'd order a pizza. We come to KFC to get great-tasting food QUICKLY!

Like I say, once or twice a year is okay for slip ups in performance, service and availability of things, but not every second time we go!

Then, it's very worrying that TWICE, TWICE(!) the branch in Gardens (near to Garden Centre) has RUN OUT OF CHICKEN!! WHat is KFC if there is NO Chicken?! Kentucky Fried....? Once, it was no Zinger Wings, then the other time, no chicken whatsoever, and it wasn't even close to closing time. I was shocked and horrified. I had to get MOCHACHOS! Urgh. That, for me, is just pathetic. I don't care what KFC has to do, there has to be plan B, C and D so that any KFC branch never runs out of Chicken! I hope you don't think I'm angry, this is a concerned friend trying to make sure his friend doesn't fall off the wagon.

*(update, yesterday AGAIN, I went to Gardens KFC, and again there was no Zinger Wings, I went to Darling Street's branch, waited long then when finally served, got told it would take 7 minutes longer for zinger wings, so I strolled over to Chickn Lickn and got Hotwings there)

You established franchises have to watch out, especially with Burger King slowly infiltrating all your strongholds. Their Double Whopper absolutely kills any other franchise's burger for value/size/taste.

Another small issue is when I get hard lettuce on my burger, the stalk-ish part. It should be leaves, those hard-stalk bits should never make their way onto a burger, luckily I get this at many other fast food places not only KFC, but it's also something that's not ideal.

Last qualm, too many times at KFCs are the card machines faulty. My hunger for KFC dissipates when I have to walk another few turns to draw money to get KFC. I've experienced this multiple times at the Gardens KFC, at Long Street's KFC and at Voortrekker's KFC.

SO yes, I'm a concerned KFC citizen, I want to rep the brand to all those who are close to me, as I'm sure you all know word-of-mouth is the strongest form of advertisement and endorsement, but the inverse is also true when people are unhappy about service at a particular place.

I just want you guys to be better at bringing us that golden brown chicken we all love :)


Friday, 7 November 2014

CHKN WORKOUT! (The story behind CHKN)

See, it's the CHKN 's exercise regimen!

CHKN is a personal project I did recently. No reason for it really. Other than wanting to combine many of my skills into one project. Music production and editing, video production and editing, shooting, photography, writing, social media penetration, digital art, etc. I even built a mini site for CHKN using Weebly, that was fun, it's quite a powerful tool even though many of the cool features are only available when you pay, but it's generally a great tool.

I'm quite chuffed at how CHKN turned out. I gave myself a lofty target of 1 million views for this video, and although I'm still far off from that, the 10 000 views it has so far is decent. It shows I, as someone with many ideas but many procrastinations, can take an idea from embryo to completed product in a few months.

That was the true victory.

So this is a special thanks to all those that have watched, shared and giggled at CHKN :) I really appreciate it. We'll see what the future holds for me. I'm currently unemployed and I'm stuck mentally in-between joining the rat-race again or becoming a fully fledged entertainer/story-teller person. Tough decision for me. But we'll see how it goes, for now, please share and watch CHKN again as the more views the merrier :D