Thursday, 14 May 2015

Growing Changes

We don't stay the same.

We change.

Many a time people don't like this change. They say you're not the same. Inferring that it is something incorrect that has led to this, but in all honesty, that's just the way we grow. We can't all stay the same. I've seen the most docile people turn to bad-ass, full of crap folks when they're older after taking people's crap for their whole lives, but similarly I've seen grumpy and crabby people, who have built reputations for being the boring grouchy person, morph into pleasent and chilled out people when they hit old age. It's weird, but wonderful.

Old age is not always the catalyst. Rich become poor, boastful become humble and any situation in life can trigger it. We have to keep in mind that everyone is on their own journey.

Parents want to blame themselves if their kids grow up to be something they don't want or do things they don't like or believe in things they don't believe are correct. Again. Respect someone's journey. People start forming their minds and values solidly in high school already and by the time kids matriculate, they're basically their own person. Their parents still influence their lives to an extent, but the die has been cast on their own persona. From that time onwards they will grow and change to their own tune, as much as parents still think they still have control.

What brought these thoughts about?

Mattafix did. Haha.

I was wondering what on earth happened to Mattafix, you know, the band that did the huge track 'Big City Life' and 'To and Fro'. I thought they just disappeared into the musical abyss of artists that just have a few good years.

Turned out that all that happened was is that the vocalist of the band, and the more behind the scenes producer guy split up creatively as they didn't see eye to eye on where they wanted to go musically. As a muso it's very easy to understand how that can happen, and the vocalist guy is actually still very active. Didn't really check up on the other guy, coz I really dig the vocalist's style of singing. So ja.

Change happens.

Of all things in life, it's the most constant.

Again, I don't really have a point to this post. That's what a blog like this is for right. Cathartic. Even Random Arbjects, has changed. I guess I want to say respect people's journeys. If they're going through change either support them or get the fuck out their way. And when you feel yourself changing, embrace change you can do nothing about (like my receding hairline for instance) and work on changing things you can change.

Don't let change be your enemy. Accept it (Like I have been doing over the years, see pic below :D)

The Many Faces of Spenelo by MinorphicPhoto on DeviantArt

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