Thursday, 21 May 2015

Never Say Never

If life were a game, I would be playing it on HARD for the last while. I'm not complaining, complaining doesn't really help does it, but I'm a realist, and nothing is as real as how tricky my life has been to navigate for the last year or so.

Without getting into unnecessary detail, like how my cars battery died today because of self-incompetence by leaving my lights on, and other fun things, just know that it's wise to never say never. Never say you'll never do something. Life might show you that you will. Never say that you'll never chill or talk to or associate with another person, because life will knock you right off your high horse and make contacting people you used to look down on for whatever reason, a necessity. Never say you'll never go somewhere, because life will damn well take you there when you least expect it. You've seen the trailers, but I'm here to confirm that life, indeed, is a bitch.

But life is also what you make of it.


It's ok to not know the answer. It's ok to be wrong sometimes. It's ok to be humble. If humility is not in your locker, life will introduce it to you. Hou op vi jou ko kwaai hou hiesa. Don't take life so seriously. Ask yourself this. In a few years from now. Will it matter? Try to think back to a past melee you had with someone or something, that you really struggled with for a while. Think back to it now - Now that you've been through the pain and struggle of getting through it, it doesn't seem so bad hey, and if you had to do it again, you could do it twice as fast, twice as easy. This is how we grow. It's like when you are standing in front of big statue. It's hulking presence makes you feel small. You try to measure it but your arms can't even begin to be a ruler to gauge its length. Once you've moved on from the statue, what happens then? You look back at the statue and it's still there, it's not out of memory just yet, you remember how big it was to you when you were there, but now, when you try to measure it, it barely measures up to your thumb and index finger imaginably holding it. Yup, your past problems are now THAT small. You still remember what it was like in that moment, the rage, hurt or frustration you experienced, but now you've moved on and distanced yourself from it and become a better person.


I could be sitting and moping around and calling the wee-wee-wambulance every time I feel aggrieved at my situation or circumstances, but, again, what does that help? Sure, once or twice things will get too much and you'll have a bad/sad/mad day, it happens. That's ok. But don't let it turn into depression or alcoholism or DRUCKS or crap like that. If you get into the habit of negativity, it will consume your life. Try to find the positives in your situation. The silver lining. You still healthy and not sick? Yippee, that's great. A lot of people don't have that. You still have a roof over your head and a shelter away from the harsh winter conditions coming? Hmpf, your life is not so bad after all! Have at least one or two people who truly care about you and will be there for you when you need them? You're a lucky tweep! Some people don't have that. Cherish those people and try to reciprocate their assistance and love.

My best tip for hard times? Try to counter the negative happenings with positive things. Try to find something you can improve or be happy and chuffed about. I did that with my weight-loss. I'm still on my health and fitness journey but it sure as hell makes me feel better that I'm no longer a fat slob that sits on his ass whole day and contemplates his next burger to cover up his inadequacies and fears. Fuck that guy. Really. Fitness and health as a lifestyle, not a fad, is a hard thing to aspire to, but even if you don't 100% succeed you'll come out a better person on the other side.

If you can't improve your situation, improve yourself.

And heck, try to smile. Try to be jovial about it all. I like making people laugh. No matter what the situation. Or the time. If you are down, even when I am down, I will try to make you and myself feel better by making us laugh. This has helped many a friend and an acquaintance to at least forget they had issues for about 5 minutes of their day. Think of it as a super power. It's not only me that has this ability. You can do it too. I'm not saying go out and be Kevin Hart at every opportunity, but if you try to make someone else laugh or even if you just share a smile with someone, it will help. It sounds sad, but when I'm having a real crap day or a busy day, I try to crack a smile if I'm maybe driving. It makes me feel better for a while. A smile feels better than a frown. Even a smile that's not real.

I'm totally hurting my ass sitting on this sleeper couch that messes up my back every night, so I'll wrap it up because my typing on this laptop is disturbing Luna and she's falling asleep. Live healthy. Eat an apple. Drink some water. Move your body. Take the stairs. Walk in the park. Rejuvenate your mind. Stop what you're doing to consciously breathe for about 30 seconds with your eyes closed. Read. Laugh more. Enjoy your life. Don't invest in things. Invest in moments. Because when those things turn to dust, you carry those moments with you in your mind and heart and if they suck, your life will suck. Unless of course you invest in property, if you can do that, do that!

And remember, never say never.

Ouchea tryna beat my High Score.

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