Saturday, 9 May 2015

Scattered Focus

My brain is on purpose.

When I manage to focus it properly for even just a little while I do such amazing things.

Thing is, to get it there is like throwing a bulls-eye with a dart whilst mounted on a rodeo horse with the dart board on a jumping castle occupied by dart deflecting ninja bears.

I'm not saying I'm scatter-brained. I'm just saying that sometimes I take a bit longer to finish something I could do a lot quicker. Sometimes bags of ability can be a hindrance. When you know you can do something decently, and you slack a little or get distracted knowing in the back of your mind that you've got whatever it is covered.

This blog post in itself is such a distraction.

But in the last few days I've been wondering about so many things. Being unemployed for almost a year does this. In June I will be unemployed for a year, although I am trying many things to change that. But yes, it is super frustrating and lets your mind run to a thousand places all at once then it just returns to a nice round 0 again. Add to this that I'm mid way through writing my Unisa exams too. Exams and studying are the best ways to remind yourself of all the thousands of other things you had to do. It is so bad that I keep a loose paper handy next to my books on the table so I can jot down things I have to get to after my session. Otherwise I would never get any studying done. My brain is like a toddler on a trampoline while I study. The bounce is the studying, the hang time is the other nonsense I'll do while studying. Granted most of the activities done are constructive, they should not even be thought about while studying. Book and story ideas, full new songs written, design ideas, photoshoot plans, video ideas, revamping your old video blog into something of a journal, flippen everything but the actual studying!

Which takes me to the next focus jump point. This blog. Random Arbjects. It had mild success back in the day, helped me get a job at Media24 and then just fizzled out. I attempted a few other online endeavours, but there's only so much you can accomplish on your own. They've all either failed or were popped onto the back burner. This is not necessarily bad, one needs to know what works and what doesn't and the only way to do that is to actually try out the myriad of ideas in your head instead of storing them to collect dust in your already complexly-packed brain. The thing that was keeping me away from RA was that it was becoming limited in what I can post, it was cluttered. It basically became like a myspace. Sometimes instead of adding more and more facets to your project, perhaps you just need to simplify it right to the core. And that's what I've done with RA again. As you can see. Simplicity is so trendy these days.

RA used to be very image and video based. But truth is I like to write more than just share videos. I do lots of other things as well. Lots. And I used to share them on RA too, but I really like to write. Like this. Like I'm talking to you. Like you're right here. This style of writing is not everyone's cup of tea but it's the realest way I can express myself and it is quite cathartic. And I figure if I can help myself by getting things out AND help people by maybe sharing something that uplifted them or gave them some tips or made them giggle; that's a win-win. And in our lives, right now, in this country, we need giggles and upliftment.

As usual I'm digressing fantastically.

Blogging is easy to do once in a while, but to really champion in, you have to find your niche and RUN WITH IT. That's why many blogs and online ideas tank. People have great ideas, but these ideas are not congruent with who they are or where they are mentally in their lives at that exact juncture or cease to be later on. Blogging, as with many creative jobs, seems easy on the surface, but upon further inspection many people flake out of it because it is a lot more work and admin than meets the eye. Many people want the perks that are rewarded to hard-working, ardent and nifty individuals who are successful, but don't even want to dip their toe into a puddle of the ocean of their sacrifice. Great people sacrificed a great amount of time and energy to get where they are. So don't hate on them. Hate on your time management and lack follow-through and patience and perseverance. Don't be jelly, mkay.

Some people try to post onto their blogs every day. That's good and bad. Blogging everyday keeps your blog in the minds of your people in your online circle. Even if they don't read today's post, tomorrow's might have something that catches their eye and then they'll consume your media. But trying to set lofty goals can go awry quite quickly. If it's not in you to produce top quality content every day, don't feel bad. Most blogs that do have teams of people who do it, and the really best blogs are making money from it. They're equipped to work that way. If that's not you, posting everyday will feel incongruent to you and your readers will feel it too. I used to post videos on RA with lazy-ass one liner posts just to keep the post number ticking. That's just not cricket. BUT. It's a double-edged sword. If you post once a year your blog is going nowhere. Unless the content you post is the most useful, most amazing apparatus known to mankind, you're gonna get like 5 hits in the year. You have to find the balance. This is where many of my blogs, and as a matter of fact, ideas, have failed. You have to find the pattern, you have to find the habit. Maybe aim to post three times a week. Then everything after that will be a bonus. Have a youtube channel? Pre-record some videos to go with your more spontaneous clips so that your channel will always have something fresh. It's all about time-management, habit management and idea management.

Ideas are wonderful. But some of us have to many. A brain full of ideas with no follow-through is a very full and cluttered space. Have you been painfully constipated before? That's kind of what it feels like to have too many ideas and not having an outlet for them. In my defence, I've really been getting these ideas out in the last two or three years. (Like CHKN, lol) And trying quite a few of them too, and enjoying the results. More than ever. Even if you just jot them down. This doesn't mean all your ideas will miraculously succeed, but it does mean that one or two more that would've been forgotten, now at least have a chance to see the light of day. Ideas are great, but you have to decide which ones are realistic enough to work. If you really like the idea and you want to try it, just try it! You will find out VERY quickly if it will work out for you. And don't be shy to share your idea with someone else. I know, I know, its my secret idea, no-one may know, they'll steal it. Bad news buddy, almost EVERY IDEA EVER has been taken in some or other way, so you might as well share it with someone just to gauge a few aspects of your idea, like originality, feasibility, etc. Like I will do now with you. DO you think Random Arbjects could work as a thought-dump blog?

*Thought dump sounds non-ideal, but that is essentially what I'm doing. If you ever have a conversation with me IRL, you will hear this is exactly how I speak too. I need a muzzle. I talk a lot. I talk sense, mostly, but once I get on a roll I can spit words out like a bowling machine. Alas. This was a great way to take a study break. Even though I just started a study session about 10 minutes ago!

So yes. Just like my life. I'm figuring this out. Random Arbjects has potential. Just like me. But just like me, Random Arbjects can't exactly pin it's finger on what it wants to be and how it wants to show what THAT is. RA, we'll figure it out together!

Very Educational!

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