Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Critical Hype

Our society is connected like never before. 

News breaks somewhere China and we know about it here in South Africa almost instantly. A lion eats a tourist in SA, international headlines! That's just how fast news and viral media travels these days. People say they are disappointed with how far our tech gadgets and things are currently, but I'll tell you what, it's pretty damn advanced, just ask this guy below.
When you were little, I was the coolest device on the block!

This hyper-connectivity brings an information overload and many opinions on everything. Food, travel, entertainment, eh-vuh-ree-thang! And I've recently noticed how irritating this one aspect can be:

Hype VS Crit.

So many things have been ruined for me, just because my first experience was tainted by either hype of criticism. Now of course it's up to you what information you consume and how you treat it, but if you read a bad review, no matter how you felt before reading it, it will taint your pre-conceived idea of the thing being reviewed, even if you don't feel it happening. The same thing goes for critting something.

Guess it has to do with expectation management. Unnecessary hype can leave you ultimately disappointed where as unfair criticism can create a surprisingly positive emotion.

I've had so many times when I watch something or do something or eat something that has been slated and panned in the media and the social media, but I have a positive experience with it, and like it, and enjoy it. Like Crocs. I couldn't give a rats ass about how negative they're spoken about online, they are comfy AF for me and I'm gonna get me one of those takkie croc shoes because fuck the world.

I'm sexy and I know it

Alternatively, there were many times where I was left with a feeling of; 'oh, ok, that's it,' at the end of something that is super-hyped up. A fancy, pretentious food, or a film or series that is supposed to be the event of the century. Over-hype just leaves you so underwhelmed sometimes, as I'm sure the MayPac fans experienced. I did it to myself recently with the sequel of the Avengers. Not that it was a bad film, it was a really, really good watch, but I was just left with the desire for more. I felt they did well squeezing in a little bit of all the ensemble cast, but I was left feeling that Ultron should've been harder to beat. He was such a douchey bad-ass! I know in the comics he is a scourge that is super hard to beat and I think Dragon Ball made us used to villain sagas going on foreeeeeever! I'm glad The third one will be split up into two films so we'll get more time to hate that films' villain, Thanos.

I have no strings on this blog post.

It's the influence of social media. And the anticipation it builds. Whether you build up to get let down, or to get blown away and impressed, all this adds to the weird feelings. It's similar to meeting people online. They present an online persona and you expect that IRL, but URL does not always compute to the IRL persona, this I know and that's why I try to portray myself as realistically as possible online so that my IRL is congruent with my URL!

In closing, it's easy to save yourself from Critical Hype.

Develop your own opinion.

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