Monday, 12 December 2016

The Fate of the Furious (TRAILER)

Mind-control, turning on your team for whatever reason, this seems to be ALL the rage in movies these days. That and blue sky-beams.

It seems the new transformers movie is going to have it, and it seems the new Fast and Furious movie is going to have it as well. Showing they've now truly run out of ways to combine 'Fast' and 'Furious' the film now is titled the Fate of the Furious, not to be confused with the Japanese title for it: Wild Speed: Ice Break.

Both of these movies are deeeeep in their franchises already so I imagine that's the only place left to go to? The main protagonist turning on his team, only to find out he was mind-controlled or pushed into the situation and he had no choice but THEN, helping save the day, anyway.

BORING? Of course. But anyone who watches a Transformers or Fast/Furious film expecting a good, realistic story line is dumber than any plot of those films can ever spew out!

This film will be a skop, skiet and donner for the ages as the Fast/Furious budget just keeps on getting bigger as each film makes more money and it even features our very own (we can still claim her right? RIGHT?) Charlize Theron as the villain. It's gonna be lit.

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