Thursday, 8 December 2016

Transformers 5: Last Knight (TRAILER)

When the first Transformers movie came out, I said, wow, they could really just keep making these movies hey, I love the characters and there's enough material to source from!

Michael Bay obviously heard me and said: Hold my beer!

Transformers has gone on to be a super profitable franchises even though critics keep panning it and fanboys keep finding plot holes and problems in the story, the general fan seems to really, dig them, and why not. One needs a LOUD, MINDLESS, ACTION, ADRENALINE-PUMPING METAL ROBOT fest every now and then...for control!

Fake, over-the-top explosions aside, I really enjoy these movies, and hope this one will also be released in Imax 3D, because if done properly, it will be pants-poopingly good to watch!

As for the what this trailer shows, it looks that somehow Optimus is going to be fighting his own kind, whether through mind control or witchcraft, or maybe it's a doppelganger? Anyway, this last while has been a time for teams in-fighting (Captain America: Civil War, Batman Vs Superman, etc) so Mr Bay would just be following the trend.

Where will he go next after this? Who knows, maybe he'll reboot BeastWars...my favourite type/version of transformers from the past.

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