Sunday, 12 February 2017


As one of many who have been absolutely glued to the MCU since Iron Man did the impossible and build a franchise out of literal scrap metal, it is so amazing to see that the culmination of it all has begun. It's fascinating to think that all these characters with story arcs developed over so long will now all be in one big story together.

I am so amped to see how bad-ass Thanos is going to be and you can bet he will be because it's gonna take two whole movies to actually take him down, that's if they do eventually take him down, the Mad Titan is one of Marvel's most epic villains so I hope he reigns terror and Death down on the Avengers and that there are real risks and high stakes and that some of the older Marvel characters actually get killed off. With several contracts running out, you can bet (and hope) that's the case!

Enough from me, hear what the stars have to say!

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