Monday, 31 July 2017

Marvel Posters

There are so many cool Marvel movies coming out in the next few years, and I've found some cool posters to share with you all!

The concept artists and designers who work on these films work so hard and go through 100s, sometimes 1000s of different drafts and versions of the characters and storyboards of the scenes. They are the unsung heroes of it all! Here are some posters for you to enjoy, made by guys and gals that work really hard on bringing our comic book heroes to life!

Friday, 28 July 2017

SHORT: Gummy Gas Crisis

Here's a nice random tidbit for your Friday

This short oozes nostalgia as it's old-timey gaming looks and sounds take you back to a bygone time. It's really, really well done and it's one of those animation shorts that look good on every freeze frame!


GUMMY GAS CRISIS from Blirp Studio on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

TRAILER: The Defenders

A lot of people go on and say Mmm, DC is more realistic and grittier than Marvel, now although I'm a fan of both, I love Marvel just a litttttle more because of how they build universes. The Marvel Netflix universe is darker and grittier than DC could ever hope to be in modern times in any movie/series format and they've built up quite a cool universe out of the four main heroes, and I quite frankly can't wait for the Defenders series!

Iron Fist aside, all the other Netflix Marvel Heroes had very, very good solo series, so it's gonna be so cool to see them battling alongside each other against a new foe!

Check out the new trailer for the Defenders series here!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

NEWS: 2 SA Actors cast in FLASH!

Guys, I can't believe it, how did BART from 7de Laan, go from that to frikken being cast as a villain in the Flash series on CW!

Well frikken done, mate!

Wow, Neil Sandilands has been cast as the main villain in Season 4 of the Flash and Kim Engelbrecht cast as well, also as a baddie.

How epic is that! Proudly SA! He'll be the Thinker and she'll be the Mechanic. I cannot wait to see them in action, as The Flash is one of my favourite series!!

I'd love to see more SA actors in international series and films playing main roles, and I hope this will continue to open doors for our talent!

Monday, 24 July 2017

TRAILER: Thor: Ragnarok


How epic does this look, it's like Thor x Guardians, in the sense that everything is in SPPAAAAAAACE!

Thor has a long history of being just-ok, and a tide-over to the next Avengers movie, THIS DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THAT!

This movie looks to have action, drama, importance to the following stories, it looks just epic!! It's a must watch in Imax 3d this one, just have a look!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

MUSIC VIDEO: Thong Song?

It's a new song! Thong Song! Wait, isn't that...wait, that is! And he, oh yes he did! It's Sisqo giving a fresh spin on his absolutely ICONIC song!


The comments are hilarious on the video, people are unhappy that there are no dumps like trucks in the video, but I don't think Sisqo cares, this song will do well and introduces Thong Song to a whole new generation. It takes the original and adds all the trinkets pop music has made us used to now. It's not the best song, but like Wild Thoughts, plays on nostalgia to hook you in. I'll have it.

Watch the video here (not, semi NSFW because of ample bum shots):

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

VIDEO: Batman Vs Superman (Pokemon)

The question still stands, who will win, Batman, or Superman? It really depends on who you're a fan of hey!

There should be no way that Batman should beat Superman, but Batman fans will tell you otherwise. He's a genius, he'll figure out a way, he's BATMAN! Superman is a boring hero, too bland and powers are wide-ranging.

So one talented team of YouTubers took it upon themselves to settle this debate...by doing a Pokemon parody of the battle! You can check it out here!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

VIDEO: Zygote

Neill Blomkamp has always been cutting edge and trendy with his work, and originating from South Africa, it's great to see his ascent in Hollywood. His latest work is a collection of short films, under the moniker 'Oats Studios', with the newest one being pretty intense.

It stars Dakota Fanning and it is dark, intense, and if you don't like creepy monsters, quite scary! I haven't seen the others, but will do so soon, but this one, shows again why Blomkamp is so highly-rated.

So go into a dark room, get your popcorn and nestle in for this dark fantasy.