Ok. So you might've noticed I've not done #ff's in a long while now. I believe it's stale, and more of a bum-sweet fest than anything else. Although there are many people who go about it in a way that is conducive to real networking that it is truly meant to be, there are many, most, who just scrunch a bunch of handles together and slap a #ff at the back. WHY should I follow that person? What makes them special? CLICK THIS LINK to read what Oatmeal says about #ff-ing. I DO appreciate all of your #ff's though, and to show I do, I will offer a truly @spenelo solution to me not #ff-ing.

A WHOLE PAGE dedicated to my favourite tweeps. Who I think are worth a follow, not for sentimentality's sake, or because you're my friend in real life, or because I think you're cute and wanna date you, NO, this list will have people on it who DO TWITTER WELL. The list will grow, so don't feel bad if you're left out. I'll start out with just a few and add some later as I get time. But these are, for now, my TOP twitter suggestions.

Ps, I can't account for handle changes as people do it often. Click on the bio/avi to go to their profile.


Many of you don't know about the Random Lolz, it's a group on Facebook that I started many moons ago. It's funny pictures galore, but after starting RA, I couldn't tend to it any more, I handed the reigns over to Kalourd, and he took over with supreme acumen! He carries this funny-pic loading form over to Twitter, but he also shares many cool links and great tweets!

Angel (yes, that's really her name, hence the handle) is a comedienne and one of those tweeps whose tweets leave you going, ah ha, I see what you did there! She blogs as well, is heavy on the wit, and very, very easy on the eye :P

Not the most prolific tweeter by rate-of-tweets, but heavy-hitting by number-of-lols-given, Paul is full of puns and jokes and in between all that he blogs as well, and is also an avid sports fan. His surname also sounds cool when pronounced in a French accent. :D

Corvn is a multi-talented tweep, he produces music and is a fitness instructor, but is also a purveyor of jokes, wisdom and babe pictures. A killer combo!

Although a juggernaut when it comes to football and all things LFC, Cape Town Bru is more than just sport, he shares tech things, jokes, sarcasm, and he blogs a little as well. He trolls tweeps sometimes, but it's all in the spirit of fun :D

Robin is a avid music lover and a muso himself, he shares many random things from jokes to music links and is a avid footy fan as well!

Ter-see-yah is one of my favourite random tweeters. She loves techy/geeky stuff and is fluent in sarcasm! She shares cool Youtube vids and loves many things most (boring) girls don't :D

Candy was one of the first random-people-I-don't-know-irl people that I followed on Twitter, and it proved to be a great decision! She tweets random stuff, like really random. She'll go from aliens, to RTing a link to something serious, to something funny, to RTing a whacky quote, to a cool instagram. It's like a lottery where you always win :D

Ninja is wordsmith, who, when he blogs, posts epic pieces of grandeur on all things cool like movies/series/stuff. He also shares random pics, jokes, quotes, and is a avid footy fan too.

The 'cool' in Gary Cool is not there for jokes as this guy is cool personified. Really dig his tweets, coz they're always funny/punny/witty/awesome. He blogs too, and watch out for his #hottestAvi shares as well. They are, indeed, always, HOT.


Potz is an avid LFC fan, whose handle is now @_Potz_, he is a purveyor of puns, and I appreciate a good pun!

Themba is also a @footiecall writer, and the best Man United fan you could follow if you don't support Manure. The man is charming and punny and, like Potz, will offer you much more than just sport in his tweets.

Kita is a fanatic LFC supporter, but she also loves other sports as well, and will keep you updated on all the sports, and some series as well. Her tweets are honest and brazen, and she won't shy away from kakking people out if she feels like it, that's why she's awesome :D

Oliv is also a big LFC fan, and an even bigger Stevie G fan, a regular visitor to the LFC supporters club ,she will keep you up-to-date with everything LFC, but she's also an consummate poet and life advice tweeter, and even though she loves tweeting horoscopes a lot, she makes up for that with awesome other tweets! (I HATE horoscope tweets! :D )


Amod gets the first FF because he was the first one I followed on Twitter. :) A copy-writing ninja, Amod loves comic books and games, and is quite the movie/series critic. His insights you can always learn from, and he also has a cool blog.

Baydu is a dynamic networker with keen radio know-how, he not only shares funny one-liners, but works in the community as well, uplifting youths with his Thir-teen hours initiative. He had a blog that is doing very-well so go check it out!

Soli Philander is well known throughout Cape Town and indeed South Africa, the Taxi Boss has Taxi Radio and is quite an inspirational figure.
Ronell is a really dynamic person whose networking capabilities have really impressed me. Part of the Sana Network, she has already linked me up with some great Cape Town people. Her drive, humility and passion for what she does and how she implements it online is an inspiration.

Ivor Price is a radio man/journalism lecturer. He loves to teach and share his knowledge with others, and is keen on empowering the youth to build a better future.

Lance is a sports-anchor and all round internet awesome person. Knowing memes, loving bacon and joining me in making hashtags trend, he is a witty (pun intended) addition to anyone's timeline. :)

Reesie is also one of the hashtag trend-makers, but is also a good networker and an avid sport-fan. She loves the Stormers! She also posts lots of funny stuff and she blogs regularly.

Merentia is a radio person as well, and her tweets are very informative, they cover whether, news, random reports on stuff, jokes, her travels, so many things! A great addition to your timeline if you're looking for variety.

Meagan is a lifestyle journalist and online content producer who shares links and content for the ladies (but that guys can learn from as well) that's informative and sometimes funny, and her tweets are always something interesting to read, with the occasional train story :D

That's it FOR NOW. I've got more tweeps on my list of BEST OF TWITTER, in the categories Sport and also in the Random and Entertaining category, that one is quite a few of you, so look out in the next few weeks for that! This is how I prefer to #ff people. This page I'll keep here as long as Twitter is a thing, so that you can follow these amazing people :)

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