I know some of you enjoy my writing, so I'll share some more with you.

Over the next few weeks I'll share with you some of my Short Stories I've written over the past few months/years. There's a special format I followed to write them. I take many random photos with my phone. Since I had my N70 all those years ago, and I've built up quite an extensive collection of random pics over the years. I'd take one of these pictures, and JUST START WRITING about it, what, in my mind, I thought could have been the scenario, what led to, and what happened before/after that picture was taken, what caused that moment in time to happen! Freestyling, if you will, with short story writing. The stuff I come up with = RANDOM.

So, for the next few weeks, I'll make Tuesday; Short Story day :) ENJOY! You'll find all the Short Stories right here! :)

SHORT STORY: #5 The Sleeper

SHORT STORY: #4 The Journey

SHORT STORY: #3 The Passage

SHORT STORY: #2 The Wall

SHORT STORY: #1 The Vagrant

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